Instagram and Eating Disorders

Almost every teen to young adult you meet on the street has at least one thing in common — their social media accounts. It seems everyone has one now. In fact, Instagram alone has about 400 million monthly active users. 

In my paper I will look at the connection between Instagram and the ability to easily access accounts that perpetuate negative body images and eating disorders.

Thesis: Instagram has become one of the top rated apps because it allows users to share photos from fun vacations and other meaningful evens, however, it also creates a platform for those struggling with eating disorders to have easy access to “thinsperation” and a community that supports these harmful behaviors.

Point #1: Instagram is usually used by people who want to stay up to date on their friends lives through photos and short videos.

Point #2: Eating disorders and the media have always been at war, many studies have linked the media to people finding less value in themselves, therefore turing to such places as anorexia and bulimia.

Point #3: The easy access to different hashtags allows Instagram users to find anything they want to see, including the community of those positive reinforcements of negative behaviors.


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